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Native America Calling Airs Live Monday - Friday, 1-2pm Eastern

To participate call: 1-800-996-2848 (1-800-99-NATIVE)

Monday, November 24, 2014 –November Music Maker: Audiopharmacy (listen)

Audiopharmacy shares more of their sonic vibrancy in a new album “State of the Heart.” The Bay Area based group says the music in their latest album is inspired by their connections to diverse communities. The collection includes hip-hop, reggae and messages about unity and revolution. We invite you to join us for our November Music Maker edition. Vocalist and producer Ras K’dee of the Pomo Nation will be with us.

Break Music: Calling Out (song) Audio Pharmacy (artist) State of the Heart (album)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014 –  Going Vegetarian or Vegan (listen)

One of the most common questions that vegetarians and vegans get during the holidays is “what are you going to eat?” Some choose to not eat meat for reasons like health benefits and the treatment of animals. Have you ever considered cutting meat out of your diet? How did friends and family respond? Join our conversation with people in Native America who do not eat animals. They'll share experiences and some delicious vegetarian recipes. Guests include: Janice Papadam (Acoma), Rosemary Cree Medicine (Blackfeet) and Linda Fisher (Ojibwe).

Break Music: Baile De La Cubana (song) Gabriel Ayala (artist) Live At the Mission (album)


Wednesday, November 26, 2014 —Meat (listen)

Animals have always been a part of life. Some animals are considered sacred and deserve our highest respect. In Native America, animals of all shapes and sizes are killed to provide us with food, clothing and tools. We say prayers for these animals, we thank them for their life and sacrifice. Meat from animals can be used for celebrations and everyday meals. From seals in the north to sheep in the southwest, animals and their meat are an important part of Native cuisine and culture. Guests include Rob Kinneen (Tlingit), Curtis Zunigha (Delaware Tribe of Indians), Nephi Craig (Navajo), Chief Kevin Brown (Pamunkey), Lora Ann Chaisson (United Houma Nation) and Karlene Hunter (Oglala Lakota).

Break Music: Cultural Survival (song) Art Napoleon (Travelling Sun) (artist) Miyoskamin (Early Springtime) (album)


Thursday, November 27, 2014— **Encore** Quilting (listen)

Quilting has a rich history in Native America. The craft was first introduced to Native women by European settlers but quilting has evolved in many tribes across Native America. Are you a quilter? How do you integrate your cultural values into the quilts you make? And what role do quilts play in your life and your community? This is an encore broadcast. Join us to hear our conversation earlier this year with Margaret Wood (Navajo/Oklahoma Seminole) quilter, Emily Proctor (Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians) quilter, Dr. Marsha MacDowell, folklorist and professor of art and art history at Michigan State University and Carla Hemlock (Mohawk) master quilter.

Break Music: Groovy (song) Dallas Arcand (artist) Modern Day Warrior (album)

Friday, November 28, 2014 **Pre-recorded** Let’s Electric 49 (listen)

Today we bring you high energy Native music. It’s the day after the national day of feasting and we wanted to leave you with something to get you moving so that big meal doesn't catch up with you. Tune in for an electrifying mix of songs from artists in Canada, the US and New Zealand. This is a pre-recorded mix of dance, house, electronica and dubstep. It's our version of an Electric 49 featuring Native recording artists and DJs.

Native recording artists featured on today’s program:

Inez Jasper, Indian Nick aka Silver Jackson aka Nicholas, Tribe Called Red, Dallas Archand, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tumivut, Quese IMC, Iskwe, Joey Stylez, Mika, Lightningcloud, Astronomar

Break Music: Drama (song) Astronomar (artist) Mutant Club (album)

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