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Music Maker 2003

This year we've featured Native Grammy Nominees, the rez rockin' band Coalition, the healing melodies of Medicine Dream, Grammy award winner Mary Youngblood, the thoughtful and playful flutist Robert Mirabal, the man who has a sound all his own, Chester Knight, the hypnotic desert rhythms of Yolanda Martinez, the debut solo artist Darren Geffre, the best of Joanne Shenandoah, Alaskan sounds old and new with Mark Brown and the Blues Crew, and Pamyua, and the festive harmonies of the Cherokee National Youth Choir.



Friday, January 10 - Native Grammy Nominees:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
The Grammy's have released their list of nominees for the Best Native American Music Album and they are: "Spirits in the Wind" by Burning Sky; "Sacred Season" by Redheart; "Faith in the House" by Vince Redhouse; "Round Dance the Night Away" by Randy Wood; and "Beneath the Raven Moon" by Mary Youngblood. Who will be the winner of the third Native Grammy? Call in and cast your vote for your favorite album of the year. The official award will be given at the 45th annual Grammy Awards in New York next month. And, does any controversy await this year's winner? Guests include nominees and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Friday, January 24 - Music Maker Edition: Coalition:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Looking for a new groove and a hot new alternative sound? A rez rockin' band from the heart of Indian Country called Coalition kicks off our Music Maker Edition for 2003. Crossing the borders of pop, rock and soulful rez blues, their new album "Cry" is inviting to listeners of all musical tastes and backgrounds. Will their songs and stories about life on the reservation find an audience that can relate to hard times on the outskirts of urban America? What are the messages woven into the debut album of these self-taught musicians from Tuba City, Arizona? Join us as Coalition performs live from Studio 49.

Thursday, February 20, - Music Maker - Medicine Dream:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Songs from the hearts and the spirit of the Ktaqmkum Mi'kmaq people of Newfoundland, Canada, is the essence in the latest release from Medicine Dream. Tomegan Gospen is the title of the CD and it pays tribute to our elders. It's also the Mi'kmaq name of a traditional caribou hunting camp. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Medicine Dream is a band that has merged a traditional message with a contemporary tempo and sound. Can the message of ancestral teachings be conveyed through a modern-day genre? Will the new CD be an award winner for the band? Joining us are Paul Pike, founder of the band, and Buz Daney, a band member.

Wednesday, March 5 - Music Maker: Mary Youngblood:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
For the third year a category to honor the best Native recording was part of the Annual Grammy Awards. It's only the second time that a Native woman was among the nominees in this category and the first to win. The one who walked away with the Grammy was none other than flutist, Mary Youngblood, know for her barrier breaking and independent thinking. Youngblood has received critical acclaim in this male dominated genre. What's in store for Mary? What has influenced her diverse musical style? Join us for our Music Maker Edition, with Grammy Award winner, Mary Youngblood.

Tuesday, May 13 - Music Maker: Robert Mirabal:
(Listen in RealAudio…)

Tribes have their own stories of how the flute was given to the people as a gift. Tribes also have their own creation stories of how they came to be on Earth. Fusing music, rhythm and genesis stories together, they give birth to a means for tradition and culture to come alive. These are the elements that are the impetus of expression by modern day award-winning storyteller, flutist and Taos Native Robert Mirabal. His contemporary, thoughtful and playful insight on Native culture is once again captured on his latest CD release titled Indians Indians. Join us for our Music Maker edition featuring Robert Mirabal live in Studio 49.

Friday, June 27 - Music Maker: Chester Knight
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Chester Knight of the Cree Nation of Canada is back – this time with a new solo album. His previous album, with his band The Wind, won the first annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Group. Since then, this artist has racked up numerous acclamations and had a showcase performance at the inaugural Native American Grammy Nominees’ festival in Hollywood. Standing Strong, his latest release under the Sound of America Records (SOAR) label, has already been nominated for the Best Music of Aboriginal Canada for this year’s Juno Awards. What drives this Native musician and how is his Native culture blended into his work? Meet Chester Knight of Muskoday First Nation, Saskatchewan.

Monday, July 28 - Music Maker: Yolanda Martinez:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
At first impression a desert environment appears inhospitable and desolate. Yet, many Native people have adapted and prospered in the arid climate. They also understand the beauty a desert possesses. And beyond the visual and other sensory stimulus, the sound of life can be heard and appreciated if one listens closely. It’s these desert sounds that are the inspiration behind the beautiful and soulful music of Yolanda Martinez. Her latest release, Desert Song, is a blending of drumming, singing, and creation of a message. Our Music Maker of the Month is Yolanda Martinez, live in Studio 49.

Wednesday, August 13 - Music Maker: Darren Geffre:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Blackfeet recording artist Darren Geffre is set to unleash his debut solo C-D titled Uncivilized. This hard working pop rocker from Browning, Montana has put together an impressive album of songs from the heart his first time out. He’s been writing music since the age of 12 and his new recording is starting to turn heads. His previous groups include Wakinyan and Crimson. His original music was nominated for a 2001 Native American Music Award for the single “If I Ever” in the Best Independent Recording category. Join us for our Music Maker edition featuring Darren Geffre of the Blackfeet Nation.

Wednesday, September 10 - Music Maker Edition: Joanne Shenandoah:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
The music and voice of Joanne Shenandoah transcend beyond the genre of Native American music. The title of her latest release is a contradiction in terms; it’s a coming together of two forces that are seemingly opposites. "Peace & Power, The Best of Joanne Shenandoah," performed in the language of her ancestors, is a collection of ‘genuine treasures’ of this well-known recording artist. Included in this release are photos and personal notes that show how peace is reaped through powerful spiritual connections and is obtained through the power of love. Joanne Shenandoah joins us for our Music Maker Edition.

Friday, October 24- Music Maker: Marc Brown & the Blues Crew: (Listen in RealAudio…)
Closing out our week in Anchorage where we are broadcasting from the Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Conference, we’re ending it on a ‘blues’ note. We’re talking blues tunes from the land of the aurora borealis, polar bears, and Alaska’s Native peoples. A recent CD release from a blues-playing band from Fairbanks is making some musical waves. Lonely Hearts is the newest release from Marc Brown and the Blues Crews, a well-known band in Alaska. Join us as we jam into the weekend with Marc and members of the band. Guests include Marc Brown, an Athabascan lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and Jason Slats, a Chupik saxophonist.

Monday, November 24 - Music Maker Edition: Pumyua:
(Listen in RealAudio…)

Continuing from last month’s Alaska connection on the Music Maker Edition, another group of talented artists from the land of diverse Alaskan culture and tradition, will be our special guests. The singing quartet was recently awarded the Record of the Year Award for their ‘Caught In The Act’ album, at the 6th Annual Native American Music Awards. Pamyua, which means encore, will visit with us and will give our listeners an opportunity to hear the blend of unique Yup’ik music and culture. Join us as we visit with the international singing group, Pamyua. Guests include Steve and Phillip Blanchett, Ossie Kairaiuak and Karina Moeller of Pamyua.

Friday, December 12 - Cherokee National Youth Choir:
(Listen in RealAudio…)

The 170-plus year old congregation of the present day Park Hill Presbyterian Church takes pride in the fact that it is one of the oldest churches in the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma. Various members of the congregation are direct descendants of Chief John Ross and also take great pride in their Cherokee heritage and ancestry. Join us for our Music Maker Edition featuring the Cherokee Youth Choir and the voice of the Park Hill Presbyterian Church as they celebrate Cherokee Christmases of the past and those to come. And call in, toll free, for a chance to win a copy of their new CD “Jesus is Born Today.”



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