Wednesday, May 10, 2023 – The ongoing threat to Indigenous environmental activists

Indigenous activists in Central and South America are literally putting their lives on the line trying to protect their land and culture. Places like Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, and parts of Mexico are rife with murders and disappearances of Indigenous people speaking up to save their land and people from large scale mining operations, logging, and other extractive industries. In many cases, those responsible are never brought to justice. We’ll explore the factors that contribute to the threat to Indigenous people standing up against corporate development.


María Martinaward-winning multimedia journalist, founding executive director of Latino USA, and director of GraciasVida Center for Media

Nati Garcia (Maya Mam), capacity building manager for Cultural Survival

Edson Krenak (Krenak), Cultural Survival lead on Brazil

Karla Mendes, investigative and feature reporter for Mongabay and a Rainforest Investigations Fellow with the Pulitzer Center