Thursday, March 16, 2023 – Remembering Navajo leader Peterson Zah

Peterson Zah is known as the first president of the Navajo Nation and a leader with foresight and intelligence that ushered in a new era for his people. Zah died at the age of 85 and was laid to rest at his birthplace in Low Mountain, Ariz. after a memorial service and funeral procession. His legacy includes starting a permanent fund that has reached into the multiple billions and advocacy that dramatically boosted the number of Navajo students in higher education. Today on Native America Calling, we honor his life with those who knew him: Stephen Roe Lewis (Gila River), Governor of the Gila River Indian Community; Marley Shebala (Diné and Zuni), investigative journalist; Marcus Denetdale (Citizen of the Navajo Nation), program manager for the Construction in Indian Country program at Arizona State University; Jaynie Parrish (Diné), president and founder of Arizona Native Vote; and Robert Joe (Diné), managing partner with Towerhouse Group and partner Tribal Carbon.