Wednesday, June 7, 2023 – Tribes working to bring back native trout

Tribal restoration programs are making a big difference in restoring native species of trout that were once abundant in states like Montana, Arizona, and Oregon. Species introduced by humans — in some cases a century or more ago — pushed the original trout to near extinction in many places. Tribal fisheries experts will explain what it takes to revive populations both for sport and environmental rehabilitation.


Bradley Clarkson (White Mountain Apache), fish biologist

Mervin Wright Jr. (Pyramid Lake Paiute), executive director of Pyramid Lake Fisheries and former Pyramid Lake Paiute chairman

Shannon Hill (Mi’kmaq), natural resource director for Mi’kmaq Farms & Fish Hatchery

Mike Smith, farm business manager for Mi’kmaq Farms & Fish Hatchery

Cherilynn Tsosie (Diné and White Mountain Apache), flyfishing angler